To: Governor Dayton

Thank Governor Dayton For Standing With Planned Parenthood

Thank Governor Dayton For Standing With Planned Parenthood

Dear Governor Dayton,
Thank you for your unwavering support of women's health. In the midst of a political circus, all aimed at cutting off access to safe and legal abortion, I am proud to have you, my Governor, as the voice of reason.

Planned Parenthood is the most trusted women's health care provider in this country. They have provided birth control, lifesaving cancer screenings, safe abortion, and other high-quality health care for 99 years. This is what you are protecting, and for that I am grateful.

Because of your leadership, Minnesotans will continue to be able to access expert, affordable, reproductive health care.

Why is this important?

Our Governor Mark Dayton has taken a strong stand against extreme anti-women's health activists. In the wake of hundreds of protesters - including a few of Minnesota's own elected officials - protesting his home to call on him to investigate and defund Planned Parenthood, he replied:

“There’s not a shred of evidence to implicate Planned Parenthood Minnesota in what they’re being accused of. I’m not going to call for an investigation."

In the midst of fraudulent video attacks, large-scale protests, and phony congressional hearings - all aimed at curtailing women's right to safe and legal abortion - our Governor stands strong as the voice of reason and truth.

Minnesota, United States

Reasons for signing

  • We Love Our Gov!! He is too caring about Minnesotans and families to bend to the political pressure on taking funds from Woman's and reproductive health care!
  • Mark Dayton is a level headed and fair Governor.
  • Because I am frustrated by the attacks on what PP is doing and the misinformation that is being spread around.


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