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Take Action to Relieve Student Loan Debt

Take Action to Relieve Student Loan Debt

Take action this year to pass real reforms to help student loan debtors stop getting by and start getting ahead. Give us a chance without the burden of crushing student loan debt.

Why is this important?

Higher education is an integral part of the American dream, and here in Minnesota, we’re proud of our quality education system.

Student loans should provide financial assistance so more students have the opportunity to pursue a college education, but student loan borrowers increasingly struggle with staggering amounts of student loan debt due to decreased state investment in our higher education system. More and more the costs of a college education are being pushed onto the backs of students and their families and a lot of students and graduates are nervous about the thought of what comes tomorrow.

Reasons for signing

  • I signed because I have been paying off a student loan since 1986 and I finally have it down to about $2500 but am currently unemployed and can't make my payments but my loan will continue to accrue interest until I can again and I have run out of deferment options as well. The price for higher education is ridiculously high in this country. That's why I signed.
  • My oldest child is graduating college and I'm still paying for my degree.
  • Very misunderstood the reality that we will not progress as a society unless we address this issue of debt.


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