To: Representative Anna Wills

Rep. Wills: Focus on What Matters, Not Undermining Women's Health

Rep. Wills: Focus on What Matters, Not Undermining Women's Health

Representative Wills,

Planned Parenthood has been one of the most trusted women’s health care providers in this country for 100 years. One in five American women has been to Planned Parenthood for birth control, lifesaving cancer screenings, safe abortion, or other high-quality health care. Planned Parenthood Minnesota serves 65,000 women, men, and families every year.

As your constituent, I want you to know that I support Planned Parenthood. Defunding or attacking the work of Planned Parenthood is not something I want my representative spending time and tax dollars on. I ask that you stand with me and the 65,000 patients a year that use Planned Parenthood services. Focus on what really matters this legislative session, not on attacking Planned Parenthood.

Why is this important?

Rep. Wills has a terrible voting record when it comes to reproductive health care. In 2015 alone she:

• Voted to block an amendment requiring employers to provide birth control coverage in their employees’ health insurance plans. [1], [2]

• Voted for unnecessary and burdensome restrictions that would shut down clinics across the state. [3], [4]

• Voted to eliminate abortion coverage for Medicaid insured women. A woman’s source of health insurance shouldn’t determine whether or not she can access an abortion. Her health and safety should come first. [5], [6]

• Protested this summer at a Planned Parenthood clinic and the Governor’s residence calling for the elimination of funding for the vital health care services provided by Planned Parenthood [7].

As the Minnesota legislative session approaches, let Representative Wills know that she should focus on making our community stronger, not attacking Planned Parenthood and women’s health.


Minnesota, United States

Reasons for signing

  • Women's rights are important
  • Because planned parenthood does a tremendous amount of good for women and women's needs, no matter their social or financial status
  • When I was a teenager this was the only option for information for women's health and birth control.


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Thank you for urging Rep. Wills to protect access to reproductive healthcare. Now we need you to take action again: the defunding fight has come to Minnesota.

41 members of the Minnesota House of Representatives introduced two bills that would eliminate Planned Parenthood from state and federal funding. To read more or to tell Rep. Wills you don't want to see Planned Parenthood defunded, check out:

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Six more days until the Minnesota legislative session starts! Be sure to share this petition with all your family and neighbors. Look how much support we have so far:

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