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Degrees Not Debt

Degrees Not Debt

Minnesota ranks fifth in the nation for student debt, with the average student debt load at $30,894 for state college students. Let’s help to relieve student loan debt and make college more affordable and accessible to all.

Why is this important?

Minnesota legislators should take immediate steps to reduce the cost of college and relieve debt by:

• Cost of College: Adequately funding our colleges and universities, expanding the state grant program, investing in student support services that help students graduate on time and freezing or reducing tuition at state colleges and universities.
• Relieving Debt: Offer tax credits for student loan payments, expand the state’s new refinancing program, requiring employers to promote federal loan forgiveness programs and establishing a state ombudsman for student loans.

Congress also must take action by:

• Increasing grant aid to minimize the need for loans.
• Decreasing the cost of student loans and allow federal student loans to be refinanced when interest rates decline.
• Enhancing federal loan forgiveness programs for those who choose careers in public service—including teachers—and expanding them to include ALL faculty at colleges and universities.

Student debt is no longer just a burden—it’s become a barrier to the American Dream. It's time for a change.


Reasons for signing

  • I signed because as a middle class citizen i do not qualify for financial aid but i struggle to pay for tuition and student loans and I have had to put my dreams of achieving a degree.
  • College costs and thus debts have skyrocketed to such a degree that you start out your career really behind before you've even started your life.
  • I.d like other students to reduce their debts and not start working only to pay their bills.


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