To: Minnesota lawmakers

Stop Texas's Devastating Abortion Restrictions From Coming To Minnesota

Stop Texas's Devastating Abortion Restrictions From Coming To Minnesota

Urge Minnesota legislators to oppose H.F. 606 to ensure abortion clinics will remain open and abortion care will be safe and accessible to all. Similar legislation was passed in Texas and is responsible for closing half of their clinics. Sign and share now to protect every woman's constitutional right to access an abortion in Minnesota.

Why is this important?

HB2, the omnibus bill out of Texas that the Supreme Court will be deciding on this summer, seeks to close abortion clinics, places an undue burden on women's access to reproductive healthcare, and eliminates her constitutional right to abortion. With these clinic closures from HB2, women have to travel thousands of miles, and jump through unecessary hoops just to access basic reproductive healthcare.

If enacted in Minnesota, four out of the remaining five abortion clinics we have in the state would be forced to close.

With travel times and cost increasing, women will resort to pre Roe v. Wade methods, greatly endangering their health and safety.

Washington, DC, United States

Reasons for signing

  • I believe it's important for us to let people follow their own instincts, as long as following their own instincts doesn't harm us.
  • Keep religious views out of government.
  • Abortion is not political


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