Welcome to When We All

A hub for campaigns to gather together and make change in Minnesota. Together, we're building more progressive communities by empowering individuals to take action on issues they care about most.

What do you want to change?

Online actions can reach a vast audience, and combining those with traditional offline efforts to build power will blaze a trail in creating conversations. When We All provides an outlet for members to take action on the issues most important to them, and build their movements by getting more and more members to join in.

Who can make it happen?

By working together, community members can make targeted and strategic attempts to ignite real change, and prove successful. When We All will aid in amplifying members' messages to create a stronger, more successful chorus of progressive voices.

Build support from your community

We succeed when we create collective voices to broadcast our individual voices together to direct change. When We All members have the power to make their voices heard by organizing their communities and friends to empower their cause.

Members can make their voices more powerful when we all join together in a chorus. Winning campaigns provide progressive members of collective communities the outlet to have their voices heard.